Weekend Warriors and Night Owls, it's time! Get career coaching, course, and material support to launch your next career move and find a career you love.


You don't need to wait for your boss to tell you if you will get a raise or not to start your launch. You just need a career roadmap and I'm here to help you achieve career clarity & job search strategies.


Fast Track to
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The Fast Track to Promotion career coaching program is my proven career roadmap that helps high achieving early to mid professionals design a strategic career launch that will enable them to find a career and promotion they deserve. No more, "I can't.. I'll wait... maybe tomorrow." No more excuses from putting yourself on the back burner. Stop waiting for a chance. Start designing your career path and get that promotion.

In this academy, we will cover



Identify your root challenges in your career and build a career strategy plan to address those challenges

Practical & Effective Negotiation Strategies

Learn and practice negotiation strategies that will help you in your next discussion for a promotion or new job

Career Values, Interest, and Transferable Skills

Examine your pain points about your career and gain an understanding of your strongest transferable skills, knowledge, and abilities



Six virtual coaching calls via Zoom featuring one per week to discuss and help you process your biggest pain points

Position and market

yourself effectively

Explore and understand how your top 5 strengths can be leveraged in your current role and beyond, including your resume, LinkedIn profile, and practice interviewing



Visual reports to understand your skills and strengths

This academy is for you if you are...
  • Feeling stuck

  • Needing clarity

  • Not sure how to negotiate

  • Interest in gaining a career promotion or career change

  • Consider yourself high-achieving early and intermediate professional

  • Have at least one year of work experience

  • Busy M-F and want relief on the weekends to strategically level up your career

Person Drinking a Coffee


What happens when you invest in yourself, your career, and your wellbeing 
  • Gain clarity about your goals and approaches to addressing your challenges

  • Gain awareness about your values, personal traits, interest, and skill - positioning you to be marketable for a promotion/job

  • Understand how to leverage your talent and strengths in your work and enhance your interview skills

  • Obtain 1:1 career coaching on all aspect of the career development process

  • Achieve a newly updated resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, increasing your marketability

  • Negotiate your needs for a promotion/job

  • Weekly challenges to keep you focus 

Break down the challenges YOU are stuck in and gain the success you have been wanting

If you trust the process, 

ready to make a change and control your career, you put in the work, then will gain an increase of clarity and better tools to launch your next career move effectively and obtain results

Here is a career hack: 

You don't need to work one job for the rest of your life, WONDERING if this is going to work. Instead, let's unlock your greatest strengths and skills align with your interest and values to find the type of employment you want

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The Fast Track to Promotion utilizes multiple approaches to adjusting to your needs including solution focus approach, design thinking, and strength base psychology in addressing the pressures of being stuck, developing actionable steps, and aim to get unstuck and position yourself effectively for your next career move.

We waist no time and jump in to doing the work together. I'm there to cheer you on and help you work through your challenges, and hit the accelerator paddle to increasing your awareness and confidence.

I know a lot about helping people get unstuck as I have worked with many universities students and early to mid professionals process what they are stuck with, address their pain points, and help them develop a career roadmap for their career move, increasing their confidence about their skills, strengths, and navigating the world of work.

There is no shame in asking for help

As a high achiever and first generation, I know it's hard to ask for help. You made it this far and you should be proud. You're probably wondering... "Eva, couldn't I just do this on my own?" Yes, BUT you may end up doing things that won't maximize your time, stuck trying to piece it all together, and adversely not obtaining the success you want. Having a coach will give you clarity and ensure you are progressing towards success. Even leaders around the world have coaches to help them. Don't be afraid of getting help. Successful people ask for help.

This academy is not for you if...

  • You are not ready to commit to success

  • Not ready to invest in your career and professional development

  • Not able to dedicated 2 - 4 hours per week to work on your career content and participate in coaching calls

  • Excuses are your motto

  • You are comfortable where you are

  • Your happy with your day job


I have been there 

I know how frustrating it can be to be clocking into a job M-F, 8-5 wondering if this is all I can ever achieve.

Once I realized that the things I want in my life and career, I was able to map out the my pain points and develop a strategic plan. I was able to put my plan into motion, securing employment over three universities and helping land their next jobs too.


Looking back, I wish I was able to obtain a career coach and invested in myself. WHY? It would have accelerated the process, but it would have helped in strategically designing a career that I love. 

Now, I teach folks the most effective strategies A-Z that gets you to where you want to go without all the fuss, avoid mistakes, and position yourself effectively.

So, what's the investment for launching a career move, finding career happiness, increasing your marketability, and fulfillment?

You got choices

  • Door #1 - Stay stuck, dream away, and keep wishing and waiting for things to turn out. Kinda like waiting to hit the lotto or marry a prince! 

  • Door #2 - Refuse to settle. Wait no more! You're ready to put in the work and launch your career move with the Fast Track to Career Academy.

The Fast Track to Promotion Academy

$800 USD pay in full (Save $200)  OR four payments of $200 each


  • Weekly 90-minute coaching sessions with Eva (8 total)

  • Weekly access to multiple online career course training videos/class, toolkits, and templates

  • A personalized professional branding review of your resume, cover letter & LinkedIn review + edits

  • Visual reports of your greatest strengths and transferable skills, positioning you for success

  • A complete career roadmap guide

  • Weekly challenges to keep you focus

  • Access to my personally designed resume, cover letter, and reference letter matching templates

  • Lifetime access to a private alumni network for ongoing support via Facebook

Hall of Fame

"Hi Eva! I wanted to send you a quick update on my journey since I completed the program with you earlier this year... I submitted materials for two positions with my new resume and I had great luck!  I was offered a position yesterday at a career exploration non-profit company, and will have a final round interview next week for a more traditional higher ed position at USF! Overall exciting things, and I wanted to share this with you because I truly feel like my revised resume and the skills you shared with me helped make this experience as successful as it feels so far! Thank you!!!"

Gabby B., Higher Education Professional


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