How to Write a Resume Like A Pro

Updated: Jan 27

The Importance of Writing a Compelling Resume for Job Seekers

An effective resume is a resume that is clear, concise, and brief. A high-grade resume should highlight your experiences, skills, and accomplishments. Starting from your personal information, educational background, skills, achievements, and work or organizational experiences. An effective resume is essential because a resume functions as a representation of you. A resume is the first thing a recruiter sees in an applicant when applying for a job.

A resume is crucial because it is through the information that we write on the resume that recruiters get the first impression of us. It's like what we write on a resume is our efforts in self-branding and marketing our expertise so that we are selected to be the right person to fill the required job position.

Having an effective and attractive resume will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams. Read further to find out how to write a resume like a pro.

Resume vs. CV

Many people have difficulty distinguishing between a CV and a resume, even considering that a CV and a resume are the same. Although both are used to apply for jobs, both CVs and resumes have some differences. So, what is a CV vs. resume?

Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a document that describes in detail a person's information to apply for a job. In Latin, CV is defined as Course of Life, to show what a person has done throughout one's life. Often professionals in the fields such as teaching, research, sciences, and medical fields utilize CV as part of their job application.

Core areas included in a CV are personal data, education, work experiences, achievements, research, presentations, and so on.

While a resume is a CV with a more concise version. A resume is a document that summarizes your experiences and achievements, as well as your career goals for a specific position or industry you would like to transition towards.

Resumes are flexible because there is an emphasis on your achievements that you can arrange in such a way that they stand out. You even can change the resume format according to the needs of the job you are applying for. Learn more tips on how to write a resume.

How to Write a Resume for a Job

Use simple language

Avoid using jargon and difficult terms unless necessary. The easier your resume is to understand, the less effort it will take for recruiters to read your entire resume.

Simplify the language and technical terms on your resume. Remember that HR professionals are not technical people. They may have a general understanding of the skills required for a technical position, but they are not experts in the field.

So, pay attention to keep the use of language simple and easy to understand if you want your resume to be included in the shortlist. These are important tips on how to write a resume like a pro.

Pay attention to the relevance

Always adjust the contents of your resume to the field of work you are applying for. If you have many work experiences, organizational experiences, and other activities, it is impossible to include all of that information in your resume.

Ensure the information you enter is related to the job you are applying for and demonstrate your ability, knowledge, skills, and/or experiences in that field. For example, if you're applying for a Software Engineering position in a technology company, it's best if you don't include "Best Musician" on your resume. Pay attention to the relevance when space is limited on a resume.

Make sure your resume answers the “Why?”

The most important question to answer on a resume is, "Why are you the right person for the job?" The function of a resume is to show that you are the right person for the job and attract the recruiter's interest and curiosity to meet you in person.

That's why you should write a good, informative, and concise resume. You must be able to answer the question "Why?" in a few short and simple sentences. What skills, experiences, knowledge, and/or abilities do you bring?

Presentation is key

You definitely don't want your resume design to look sloppy because that will, of course, affect the recruiter's assessment of you. Currently, there are many resume templates that you can use to add value to your resume.

Get your resume template now at You can choose from many attractive resume packages that include matching resume, cover letter, reference letter along with resume toolkit, cover letter toolkit and resume power phrases. With all these cool resume templates, there's no longer any excuse for having a resume that looks like it's from the '90s. Your resume needs to look good if you want to be taken seriously.

Go digital

Show recruiters that you are a relevant, tech-savvy applicant. For starters, save your resume in PDF file format and use hyperlinks for direct, easy-to-use references to add supporting information.

Having an online portfolio in the form of a website or blog that fits your field will definitely help you stand out from other candidates. You can also take advantage of professional social media like LinkedIn to allow recruiters to find out more about you.

Alternatively, you can create a digital portfolio by storing relevant documents and files in cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Be specific

How to write a perfect resume? Be specific—the more specific your resume, the better. Avoid vague and overly general statements and phrases such as “good communication skills” or “results-oriented.” Describe specific scenarios where you have applied those skills and attributes and show the results.

For example, to describe your “teaching” skills, you could write “Spent 6 months teaching English to refugee children in Germany”, and so on. But make sure you can describe your abilities succinctly and clearly.

Use the ACR Framework

This is probably one of the best tips on how to write a resume. In writing a description of work experience, you should write your experience as an accomplishment statement by describing it using the ACR (Action, Context, Result) Framework to make it clear about your skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences. "Action verb" shows how you approached your responsibility to meet your task/responsibilities in the past. "Context" describes what, when, how, where, and/or problem you encounter in that situation/position. "Result" shows the positive outcome you accomplished as a result of your effort.

In writing a job resume, often some people only include work history and time data. Example:

- Sales Representative ABC Corporation (2016-2021)

- Sales Supervisor XYZ Corporation (2010-2016)

With writing and description techniques like the one above, recruiters won't know much about you. Yes, they only know you have experience as a sales representative for 5 years and a sales supervisor for 6 years. But recruiters can't see the value you offer to join the company you're applying for.

Now, try using the ACR (Action verb, Context, Result) Framework:

Sales Representative ABC Corporation (2016-2021)

  • Created new vendor relationships through continuous outreach, covering 100 of the largest shoe retail stores in the western region, resulted in 76% increase of sales during holidays.

  • Achieved 95% of the sales target per year for 5 consecutive years through good relationships with customers and distribution of both fast-moving and slow-moving products.

Sales Supervisor XYZ Corporation (2010-2016)

  • ...

  • ...

  • ...

From the description above, here are what the recruiters see in you:

  • Recruiters will know how you approached the task and responsibilities that you were expected to do in your past jobs (action verbs).

  • Recruiters will see that you have good skills in maintaining good relationships with customers, which is a big plus for you, especially since you are applying for a Sales position (context).

  • Recruiters will see that your management and customer relations skills have made your company achieve 95% of its sales target per year for 5 consecutive years (result).

Using this ACR Framework to describe yourself will make you stand out from other candidates. You can adapt this ACR Framework to the field and job position you are applying for.

Best Resume Writing Strategy

Before Writing a Resume

In writing a good resume, it is necessary to consider the following 3 things before starting to write a resume:

  • Self-analysis: You should do a self-analysis first. The goal is to identify and explore what your abilities, strengths, and weaknesses are. You can use the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) concept to help you analyze yourself.

  • Career analysis: After conducting a SWOT analysis, you also need to do a career analysis to understand your potential and future career. It aims to give you an idea of “what is your vision for your future career”

  • Job analysis: You should also do your job analysis. This analysis needs to be done to find out which jobs match your knowledge, skills, and capabilities. This is very important because the information you include on your resume must relate to the job you are applying for.

When Writing a Resume

  • The neatness of writing: A resume should be made neat by using the right type and font size and making sure the font you use is easy to read. In addition to using fonts, a neat paragraph arrangement in writing a resume is also one of the keys to the success of your resume.

  • Simplicity: In writing a resume, you should use simple, clear, and concise language. You also don't need to include too many designs because it will take away the essence of the simplicity of your resume. But, if you're applying for a job related to design or creative work, you can customize that.

  • Accuracy: The information contained in the resume must be credible and verifiable. Because HR professionals will check the information written on the resume. The chances of your job application being rejected are very high if you include inaccurate information.

How to Write a Resume Easily

Hope the tips on how to write a resume above can help you complete your resume. A good resume will be a very effective branding tool. The quality of your resume will determine the recruiter's first impression of you. You can apply the strategies above in writing a resume like a pro.

But keep an eye on your resume design, don't be careless. Use good and attractive resume templates to add a plus to your resume, you can get resume templates on the internet.

Cut the hassle of formatting by getting premium, customizable, and quality resume templates at and be a candidate that stands out from the crowd.

Have an attractive resume template design right now, stand out from the crowd, and increase the chances of your dream job. Happy resume writing!

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